This is a special watch for me. For quite a few years it was the only watch I owned, and it was a gift from my father. Since it was a gift I never looked up what it cost brand new, but I know you can easily pick one up for around $40-$70 now. When I received it my father said something to the effect of “now son, this isn’t a cheap watch like the ones you’ve had before. You need to take care of it.” Again, I don’t know what it cost, and by comparison to many other watches of the time I doubt it was really all that pricey, but that statement stuck with me. The band is far too large for my wrists but I still wore it nearly every day for somewhere around nine years. Before I get into what it has been like to own this piece, I’ll go over some specs.

The watch is reference W861-X002, case is 44.5mm, 10 bar water resistance, has a full panel dot-matrix LCD screen, time and calendar, stopwatch with memory recall function, countdown timer, 5 channel regular alarm, world timer, 30 channel schedule alarm, 2 colors for Illuminating LED panel, and two ways to display the time and date. For my first serious watch it was more than enough.

I love the sturdy feel of this watch. I could wear it without fear and did as you can tell by the healthy amount of scratches/wear on it. It’s seen more door frames than I’d care to count and took them all in stride. In fact, I check for damage to the frame before I inspect the watch! When wearing it I never forget its presence due to the weight and slightly awkward size but I don’t mind. It’s like having a hammer on your wrist; it has heft, it’s a tool, and it sure is fine with running into things. I keep it on the eco mode and the main functions I use are the alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer. I’ve worn it with a suit a handful of times, mainly early on in my ownership, but it quickly became a purely casual watch.

It’s worth virtually nothing on the market, but it has been with me through most of high-school, all of college, and that makes it a keeper in my collection. Not technically my first watch, but the first watch I thought of as special.

I always gazed longingly at the watches in jewelry stores as I would walk by, but I had what I needed. There was just one issue with the watch…the band. And get this — this should make you laugh — I didn’t realize I could change it!

My wrists are small, dainty, tiny, slim, etc. etc. etc. And I had to have the strap at it’s tightest for it to actually fit. Still do. I mention this because it’s the only gripe I’ve ever had with this Pulsar. The official specs said battery life would be 2-3 years depending on use, yet I’ve only had to change the battery twice in nearly a decade!

If you are ever considering the modern take on this watch I highly recommend it. You can find info about it on Pulsar’s Website, but you’ll have to find it elsewhere such as Walmart to buy it.

If you have a watch you would like me to review, let me know! I look forward to hearing your answers!

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