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I get to see one or two Willys Jeeps every year at a local classic car show in my home town. It’s easy to look at them, marvel at their rugged appearance, and then move on. However, if you stop and consider where that particular Jeep may have been 80 years ago your perspective shifts entirely. It evokes the imagination of far away places and harrowing situations. So if I owned one of these storied vehicles, what watch would I like to be wearing as I cruised down the boulevard? A Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited EditionIn green naturally.

So why the Geosphere? One reason I would choose the Geosphere is because, just like the Willys Jeep, it is meant to conjure up images of far away areas. It’s impossible to look at the Willys Jeep and not think of the many and varied locations it could have served at. Will I ever go to those same locations? Unlikely. For those who are not yet familiar with the Geosphere, just above and below the center hands are two rotating representations of the northern and southern halves of our little blue planet. Now, on those maps are seven small red dots that pinpoint the locations of each continent’s highest point.

When you drive a Willys Jeep you can’t help but speculate what it would be like to roam across the African theater of WWII, or imagine threading through rough terrain on a remote island in the Pacific theater. Even if you owned such a piece of history it is unlikely you’d get to take it off of your own continent.

I'd probably never do this with my Jeep, but knowing it could and maybe has? That's special.

The same idea applies to the Geosphere. I doubt you’ll climb, let alone see all of those peaks, yet just to think of doing so is a thrill in its own right. Having these two together as a paring just seems right. Not to mention this particular edition of the Geosphere comes in green! I relish the thought of driving down the road in a vehicle that has conquored most of the world under its tires and wearing a watch that commemorates the conquest of the highest points on Earth.

As Always, The Cog Blog isn’t about just our own literature, so here are two great reads on the WILLYS JEEP and the MONTBLANC 1858 GEOSPHERE.

And if you’d like to contribute by letting me know what watch YOU would own if you had a Willys Jeep fill out the form below with the watch and why you picked it! I look forward to hearing your answers!

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