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Not familiar with Newton Running? They are a sports company dedicated exclusively to the shoes and gear needed to run as fast as you can. They are based out of the beautiful state of Colorado and are a relatively young company. One of their claims to fame is a certain technology they put in their shoes called Action/Reaction. Basically, there are “trampoline-like” plates attached to the lugs (those little sections of rubber that are what physically make contact with the ground) that absorb the force of your footfall. Once you go to push off and accelerate, the plates return some of that energy to your stride. Anyways, before I go off on too much of a tangent on running form, what watch would I wear with a pair of these?

A Tag Heuer Connected

Newton Running Shoes are loud. They are meant to be noticed and make you feel like you’re a runner. Not a “look at me jogging down the street” runner (though you probably are), no, you are a blink and you’ll miss my athleticism runner! The Connected builds on the connection between Tag Heuer and speed they have cultivated for years, primarily in the world of motor racing.

Offering you a stylish design, and dozens of ways for information to be displayed to you, you can’t help but feel athletic when you strap it on your wrist. It’s true that the Apple Watch could do what this does for much cheaper, but I could go for a pair of same old same old Nike’s for my run.

I also don’t think that strapping on an Apple Watch in the morning will automatically make me feel as athletic as this watch would. There is a certain X factor about this watch that gives it much more appeal to me as a sports watch.

As Always, The Cog Blog isn’t about just our own literature, so here are two great reads on the NEWTON GRAVITY RUNNING SHOES and the TAG HEUER CONNECTED.

And if you’d like to contribute by letting me know what watch/shoe combo you’d go with, fill out the form below with the watch, shoe, and why you picked them! I look forward to hearing your answers!

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