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Are We Just Another Watch Blog?

The Cog Blog Aims at Education, Reviews, and Fun Conversations

Besides writing reviews on every watch I can get my hands on (and then some) I aim to fill a gap I discovered when I had just gotten into watches. The world of watches is so involved and steeped in such a rich history that it can take a very long time to learn even the basics, let alone once you start getting into the real workings of different forms of escapement technology, complications… the list is nearly endless. I am still working on the education page so bear with me. I hope to have it up within a month.

That’s Why We Have Three Distinct Article Sections

Opinions And Reviews

These Are pretty straight forward. They are articles that represent my opinions and insights (such as I have to offer) on any watches I can get my hands on and even those I can’t.

If I Owned A...

This is a fun series where I ask a hypothetical question such as “If I owned a vintage Land Rover, Tudor Style Mansion, Mega-Yacht, etc, what kind of watch would I wear?” I love hearing your pairings as well and will feature them in upcoming posts.

How Watches Work

In these, I attempt to answer the questions I had when I started getting into Watches, and believe me there were a lot. I hope to eventually have answers to all questions about how watches work and are made (impossible? Maybe, but what’s life without goals?)

I’m well aware there are many awesome publications out there. That is why I do the following: