It’s Indoor Trainer Season

With multiple 32°F mornings, I’m officially calling it too cold to ride. My enjoyable riding temperature doesn’t go below 50°F so I’m taking it indoors. I scored a Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer on sale and have committed to TrainerRoad to get me some fitness structure and reasons to sweat. I’m a total noob at using a trainer or any type of structured cycling program. I’ll document my experience with the goal of using this setup through the winter months.

You start TrainerRoad by taking a fitness assessment called a Ramp Test. You can choose a training program catered to your style such as roadie, mountain biker, or triathlete. I chose the Base Phase program. According to TrainerRoad:

 The Base Phase helps you develop the basic cycling skills for the remainder of your season. You’ll begin with aerobic endurance, strength endurance and form workouts to establish basic skills as well as the physical and mental strength you need to compete.

Let’s do this on a Single Speed.

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