Review: DT Swiss M 1900 Spline 29 Wheelset

I was rebuilding my Redline Monocog Flight as a commuter/gravel/singletrack/do-it-most bike. Some call it monstercross. Most of the parts were recycled but I needed an economical yet reliable wheelset.

DT Swiss markets the M 1900 Spline for “All-Mountain” use – surprising since this rim is only 22.5mm internal diameter. Curious if 22.5mm would pair well with the 40c Maxxis Re-Fuse tires I had so I included it for consideration. For me picking bike parts triggers some form of OCD and analysis paralysis. My wheelset selection criteria was:

Durable for multi-surface use
Tubeless ready
Convertible hubs
Manufacturer support

Took me longer than I want to admit here but I eventually made a decision, with DT Swiss checking all the boxes. Placed my order and a few days later wheels arrive. To prepare for installation I gathered the floor pump, air compressor, soapy water bottle, and tires. I unbox the wheels, ready to complete the task. Almost.

The wheels didn’t come with tubeless tape applied. 😦 DT Swiss did include tubeless tape in the box but man, I wasn’t in the mood to apply it at that moment. Anyhow, I eventually got the motivation to tackle the job. As I pulled on the tape during installation, the black tape turned goldish in spots where I may have stretched it too much. The tape felt thinner than Stan’s tape but it applied with the same ease. Punched a hole for the valves, ready to mount tires.

The Maxxis Re-Fuse tires I was mounting were not new and had been set up tubeless before. I couldn’t get them to seat on the M 1900 rims with the floor pump or a 1.47 CFM portable air compressor. Had to take them to the local bike shop and use their heavy-duty air compressor to get the tire beads to pop in place.


Back home again and ready to swap end caps. The Monocog Flight uses old-skool hub spacing: QR 9×100 and 10×135. The DT hubs come with through-axle 15×100 and 12×142 end caps installed but includes all the parts to convert to QR, including skewers. With the right caps in place I’m ready to install my 6 bolt brake rotors to the centerlock hubs. Of course DT includes adapters to make it all work! Lastly I get the single speed spacers and cog aligned, lock ring secured, and now ready to attach the wheels!


As mentioned earlier, DT Swiss includes QR skewers with this wheelset. Unfortunately I ran into an issue with the front skewer being defective – the skewer cam didn’t clasp. 😦 I did have skewers in the parts bin and decided to go with them for both front and rear. The ones I had were higher quality, with internal cams for much better clamping force compared to external cams in the DT design. I still need to contact DT and get the skewer replaced.

Now that everything is installed it’s time to ride! FINALLY!!! The Redline Monocog Flight went through a drastic transformation from where it started. My prior build was MTB focused with 2.35” tires on 29mm internal width wheels. Now I’m riding 40c tires on 22.5mm rims and dropbars. The maiden shakedown ride takes place in my ‘hood – paved asphalt that’s hardly perfect with decent elevation and gravel paths. I was thrilled that in its new configuration the Monocog Flight still fits and was comfortable to ride!


It’s been around 6 months since I bought these wheels and so far they’ve just rolled along without fuss. I was unsure about the DT Swiss tubeless system but have found it to hold air well with Stan’s fluid. At this price point the hubs are fantastic and have a nice sounding buzz. These hubs do not have super high engagement but they are certainly good enough for the intended use. The straight-through spokes do their thing, keeping the wheels true even as I’ve hopped curbs and rolled down a set of stairs without finesse.

These wheels are a good bang for the buck. Owning these has been positive except for the tubeless tape quality and the QR skewers. As as durable budget wheelset, I’d buy the DT Swiss M 1900 Spline again.


Purchase: DT Swiss M 1900 Spline 29

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