Review: Park Tool BBT-69.2 Center Lock

I’m always tinkering with my bikes and have made a habit to use a torque wrench whenever applicable. I’ve come to appreciate quality tools and Park Tool Company is synonymous to quality. A long time 6 bolt rotor guy, my latest wheelset came with Center Lock rotors. Enter Park Tool BBT-69.2 Bottom Bracket Tool 44mm.

While Park Tool Company may have named this tool before the prevalence of Center Lock rotors, this tool will in fact fit the current iteration of 16 notch Center Lock rings. The BBT-69.2 attaches to a 3/8″ drive which is perfect to secure those lockrings to 40Nm using a torque wrench. The cup design allows you to install your rotors with your hub end cap in place (don’t sleep on this feature). The anodized blue finish won’t hold up over time – I can already it wearing off the splines after a few uses.


While there are more economical choices out there, I appreciate the design features and the Park Tool quality enough to recommend it for securing Center Lock rotors.


Purchase: Park Tool BBT-69.2

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