Strava Beacon Failure

I’m a Strava Premium/Summit subscriber, but a feature I wish Strava would enable for all users is Beacon. It allows a Strava user to share their location with anyone via a SMS text message that contains a web link. The person receiving the link doesn’t have to be a Strava member or even have the application installed. Per Strava:

Beacon is the note on the fridge for the Summit athlete. Instead of a lonely sticky note, Beacon safety contacts will get to see where you are during an activity in real time on a map. If you aren’t back on time, they can check to see where you are or if you’re stopped. If something were to happen to you, they’d be able to see your GPS location.

I’m also a Textra user and this feature has never worked properly on my Android phones. When I touch Send Beacon Text, it opens Textra (my default SMS app) as it should. But Textra does something weird. It replaces the contacts’ names with just their phone numbers separated by semicolons instead of the usual commas.

I don’t have anything against semicolons but the SMS fails to send. Thinking it’s an issue with Textra, I tried Google Messages but no dice. I’ve searched for an answer but I’m alone it seems. For now…

I’ve given up on beacon.

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