Riding While Dry

It’s been soggy MTB trails all year. I can’t recall a week without rain but I can recall weeks of nothing but. Years ago I was ignorant about the negative impact of riding wet trails, or the volunteers that worked to undo the damage. Being more aware, I’m no longer riding mud but that has left me to pedal on pavement for most of 2018.

I did get a dry window of MTB riding opportunity recently and it reminded me that I’m most happy on dirt. With shorter days upon us, I need to be better prepared to take advantage of dry conditions and daylight. What that requires specifically I’m trying to figure out. Here’s my first take:

1. Bike always tuned (mostly just air pressure because single speed)
2. Protein and Gatorade in backpack
3. Protective gear all together (helmet, glasses, gloves, pads)
4. Shoes
5. Bike rack attached to vehicle
6. Lights charged
7. Phone charged
8. Bike clothing (socks, padded shorts, bandanna, sleeves, shirt, shorts, tights, jacket)

Not specific enough but a start. Now if there was an acronym that would help remember these steps… something to ponder on a rainy day.

Road by necessity, MTB by choice.



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