Good Timing for Cramps

Leg cramps are never fun but being dozens of miles away from home, car or civilization can make one feel stranded. I’ve had two cramp episodes and I was “lucky” both times. While nobody would associate cramps with good luck, in my case the timing was as good as it could get. It was at the end of my rides and close enough to limp to the car. I didn’t want to leave it to luck in the future so I Googled What causes cramps while biking.

I can’t say I found the root cause for my cramps. Given that they occurred after 20 miles on the saddle, maybe it was hydration or nutrition deficiency. I’ve done several 20+ mile rides without issue and I’m always sipping water and Gatorade. My other guess is over exertion. One ride required out of seat pedaling to power up a steep hill, the other was a slight but steady incline that I was trying to PR. Nothing unusual of course but I cramped soon after doing them.

Unfortunately I’m not doing much riding as the temps are too low (for me). But I’ve added fancy nuts and medjool dates to my snack routine. Also I need to make stretching a part of my day.

What’s your prevention or remedy for cramps?

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